OSE’s Automatism engineer department

Automatism, robotics and industrial IT

are the main skills you can find in our Automatism engineer department. Our team of experts can manage your project from the technical specifications up to the training of your team.

OSE’s Automatism engineer department.

Once we have received your technical specifications, your project starts to be studied by the automatism engineer department. They can work together with the mechanical engineer department if your project requires both skills. Our team of experts starts by the functional analysis in order to define the steps for the project realization. Then, they continue with the Grafcets or the robot program structure.

Once this first step done, they start programming and testing. Our team can program with the most suitable language for your project as they are used to work with robots and automatons from different brands.

Our automatism engineer department is made of 20 collaborators: manager, project leader and automation, robotics and II experts. The limits between these last three skills might be unclear often. As a matter of fact, even if there are different specializations, OSE pays special attention to have a skillful and versatile team in order to provide fast reactivity to our customers and so meet their requirements in terms of service.

Bureau Etudes Automatisme - Ose, fournisseur de solutions industrielles pour la performance

Designing and manufacturing special machines offers to us the opportunity of working with different technologies. Team work becomes a very important point and a brainstorming is organized in order to choose the technology that suits the best to your projects. This is the reason why our automatism department has a laboratory which allows us to test new technologies to propose.

Bureau Etudes Automatisme - Ose, fournisseur de solutions industrielles pour la performance

Once analyses and programming are done, our automatism experts start testing in our plant. Depending on the project, fitter technicians can participate to this step.

After reception of the project, our team restart the system at your plant. We also provide training for operators and maintenance technicians so you can start your production in the best conditions.

In addition to design, our automatism engineer department can provide support in industrial services, engineer advising and machine audit.