and competitiveness !

Automotive :

With more than 25 years’ experience of meeting automotive industry requirements, our teams have acquired not only a great deal of technical expertise, but also a broad range of good practices that we now use to design and produce robust and reliable production resources that give you assured operational reliability at optimum production cost

From a single innovative process design project to deployment of complete production lines or the retrofit of an existing installation, our services are underpinned by proven methods and technologies, such as:

Workstation ergonomic studies
Flow diagrams and workstation balancing
Mechanical assembly: screw-in and socketing
Material distortion assembly: snap-on installation, riveting and crimping
Welding assembly: ultrasonic, laser and brazing
Bonded and sealed assembly
Volumetric dosing of one- and two-part viscous products
Greasing and lubrication
Installation of robots and special handling equipment
Standard and special conveyor systems
Inspection: leak testing, geometry and appearance
Physical measurement
Debugging and endurance testing
Marking and identification
Communication, networks, traceability and industrial IT

Our projects are run using our own in-house methodology, which allows us to guarantee the performance level of those installations for which we are responsible. The full range of operational safety systems (FMEA, risk analysis, HAZOP, etc.) is implemented at every stage of our project delivery process and shared with you via our collaborative working platform. In this way, we can support you in achieving your technical and financial performance goals.