and competitiveness !



The proven expertise we have gained in 25 years of service to the most demanding sectors of industry is available to your business, which has an increasing need to maintain a high level of productivity, despite split production runs and significant product variability. Flexibility, adaptability and product integrity are the keywords that motivate us in supporting you with the implementation of production resources that are affordable without compromising your commitment to impeccable production quality.

This is the background against which we can offer you hands-on support with your projects, backed by guaranteed results. We are currently applying the following areas of expertise in your industry:

Panel processing :
– Automated de-racking
– Depanelisation / separation
– Robotic handling (bulk and blister packaging

Assembly / Process :
– Screwing
– Welding (soldering / laser / brazing / electric arc)
– Adhesive / seal application
– Resin coating / reticulation and polymerisation ovens
– Heading / Clipping / socketing
– Pin and connector insertion / press-fitting

Inspection :
– Test facilities (electric / dielectric / functional / in-situ)
– Visual

Traceability :
– Identification (barcodes, data matrix, OCR, RFID, etc.)
– Product tracking
– Total traceability (component, product, process, etc.)
– ERP interface

Over the years, our team has developed a wealth of good practices that we can implement to improve your production processes, from product reengineering to finished product packaging design. Our technical skills work hand-in-hand with our knowledge of process optimisation methods to define and design production facilities that dovetail perfectly with your expectations.