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Energy :


Whether they are used in energy generation, metering or installation protection, your products have to deliver complete safety in operation. Having worked alongside your industry for more than 15 years, we have developed standard process solutions that give your assembly resources the flexibility and adaptability you need to cope with the broad range of products you manufacture. But we also go further to offer you our skills in product debugging, inspection and/or characterization. We can therefore support you in implementing solutions as varied as:

Workstation ergonomic studies
Flow diagrams and workstation balancing
Mechanical assembly: screw-in and socketing
Material distortion assembly: snap-on installation, riveting and crimping
Welding assembly: ultrasonic, laser and brazing
Bonded and sealed assembly
Volumetric dosing of one- and two-part viscous products (adhesives, resins, etc.)
Installation of robots and special handling equipment
Inspection: geometry and appearance
Electrical testing
Debugging and endurance testing
Marking and identification
Product communication
Total traceability

Our support therefore covers every aspect of manufacturing system deployment, giving you the confidence to guarantee the strength and reliability of the products you deliver to your customers.