OSE’s mechanical engineer department

Regardless on which activity is yours we, industrials, have a common goal: MEETING YOUR EXPECTATIONS IN TERMS OF RESULTS. Respect of lead-time, quality and reliability, performance guarantee is our daily challenge.

BE MécaniqueHow can OSE help you?

From the detailed functional analysis to the achieve of detailed and general technical drawings, our technicians and engineers will work on the design of your products and processes to industrialize them.

“Established in Krakow since September 2016, OSE Service Center can provide close service to their customers.”

OSE’s mechanical engineer department.

Once we have received customer’s specifications, our business managers analyze them, draw plans and settle a budget. In addiction to this, our mechanical engineering department may work on prelimiray drafts of projects to find the best technical solution to customer’s needs. The launch of the project begins when the customer confirms the quote. A first meeting to deliver a functionnal analyse is scheduled with the technical managers from mechanical, electrical and automation departments, as well as the workshop manager and project leaders.

“We develop the industrial process adapted to your needs.”

Tasks and skills.BE Mécanique

The mechanical engineering department is a twenty people team made of project managers, engineers and designers. 2D drawings, 3D drawings, assembly draws, technical files, … are daily tasks of this team, who works hand in hand with other services as electrical engineering, automation, purchase and the workshop.

OSE uses the following programs:

  • Solidworks
  • Draftsight
  • Solidedge
  • Edrawing