Press article – When a French SME enters Poland

Since a few months, we strengthen our presence in Poland. During our last travel, we were interviewed by The Small Newspaper of Warsaw, the media of the French people and the French speakers abroad.

Here are some extracts of this interview

” But what makes the French investors run in Poland? The most frequent answer holds in a more real but simplifying duet : attractive labor cost, qualified and well trained workforce. However, this state of thing does not come true in all the business sectors and it would be forget the added value of the French know-how. The PME ” OSE “, installed for five months in Cracow, is a perfect illustration.

We met his leader, Olivier Seyeux, who explains to us how the French expertise still leads to predict of beautiful days in Poland.

An interview based on questions/answers to understand why a company specialized in the design of special machines wished to settle down in Cracow to implant one of its centers of service abroad.

France Pologne Ose Groupe

Why did you choose Poland and more exactly Cracow?
First of all, this is a reason of practical order: beyond the fact that Cracow has a potential of formation perfectly adapted to our needs , that is also where remain one of our main customers, this area is very dense in industry. But this choice is also motivated by a personal desire. I know well the countries of Central Europe and am sensitive to the Francophony of the Poles, even often, the Francophilia, which makes the exchanges easier (instead of Czech Republic for example, where we are also present but which is more of Germanic sensibility). I think that our two cultures are relatively close.


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