your traceability!



Compatible with all PLCs, displays and PCs
ASCII frame exchange over TCP / IP

The customer is the master of the product life cycle
the automat decides, the traceability stores the information

Code Libraries Available
standard blocks developed for Siemens, Beckhoff, Schneider PLCs


30 ms per request
Average response time seen by a controller, regardless of the number of requests

Supports up to 100 simultaneous requests
beyond that, the connections are put on hold

One task per connection
response time retained for other connections if one is resource hungry


MySQL database
most used / Open Source

Possible hosting on your servers
Windows or Linux

MySQL Community Edition
is under GPL license / No license year round

Always active

Windows service

Active traceability
even if the user’s session is not open

Traceability can not be stopped by an operator
Windows administrative rights required

Restarting the service in case of problems
see even the computer if necessary (without operator intervention)


Free traceability viewer
updated automatically via the Internet

Works on any PC
with Windows 7 minimum

Access to machine data from your desktop
a network link should simply link the traceability server to your PC