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For more than 30 years, we have been leader in the winding machines market.

Spindle winding, flyer winding, needle winding, pilgrim step, multi-chamber, multi-pole, two-wire or bobbin less coil, we master all the problems related to winding and know how to anticipate the technical constraints that our customers have to face.

Our winding machines, semi automatic or fully automatic, are adapted to the specific needs of each industry.

The design and manufacture of automated winding lines is the core business of Prosys. The software suite and ProControl hardware built into our machines ensure maximum production and efficiency.

 – Semi-automated or fully automated
 – Frame loading
 – Terminal insertion
 – Resistance welding, pulsed arc, laser, tin feeding.
 – Core assembly, casing, PCB
 – Laser marking, micro-percussion, ink-jet,
 – Selective ejections
 – Unloading on trays
 – Assembly operations
 – Supervision, traceability, history recording, server communication
 – Evolving,
 – Modular,
 – Multi-references


Our specialized team is committed to defining the best production process for you and helping you in the design of your products, after having studied your needs. Provision of a machine allowing you to make pre-series or prototypes, including 3D printing.


Your technicians will benefit from the know-how of our engineers and will be able to maintain and anticipate the needs of the machines thanks to the continuous training sessions.

Production and maintenance support

Expert multi-skills are at your disposal guaranteeing a mastery contract and responsive service, offering support, online assistance and preventive maintenance.